Making history with our bold, new brand.

As our company strategy, our product, and our market have evolved, so must our brand evolve. As Talkdesk enters our next decade fueled by innovation and an expanded international presence, we are also making history by launching the first significant change to our brand.

“With corporate branding just like with people we meet—our first impression is almost always our lasting impression. Good branding not only creates an important impression, but it also positions and distinguishes our company and our products as the very best possible choice for our customers.”

- Elia Mak, senior vice president of brand, research & insights, creative & events

To evolve the Talkdesk brand we needed to uncover an authentic truth—the essence of what makes Talkdesk different. 

The rebrand not only pays homage to our roots, but more importantly helps take us into the next chapter of giving customer-obsessed companies a better way to deliver great customer experiences. 

To explain what motivated our new brand—and what’s behind it—we need to start with our history, our vision, and our values.

Our history.

Our brand is rooted in our history.

If a journey is defined as moments of great courage, then ours began 10 years ago in the most extraordinary way—with a young engineer’s dream and determination to forever change customer experience by putting the customer at the heart of every conversation and interaction. Living in Portugal at the time, Talkdesk founder and CEO Tiago Paiva prototyped a cloud-based solution that was easy to deploy, integrate, and operate. He entered and won a hackathon, got some seed funding, moved to America, and Talkdesk was born. We were a global company from day one. Talkdesk’s journey, like all memorable ones, has been shaped by the hands and ideas of our people, connected through the years and across generations in an endless pursuit of “a better way.” That pursuit guides our vision and values as we challenge the old status quo in order to help our customers, our partners and our employees thrive and grow. 

Our new brand reflects this entrepreneurial spirit, the drive to innovate, and staying customer-obsessed on a global scale.

Our north star.

We help companies deliver a better customer experience. We are innovative, creative, and challenge the old status quo in order to help our customers thrive and grow. We have fun shaking up the industry and we’re building a business that’s also a great place to work.

Experience. A better way.

We want our new brand to inspire our customers, our partners, and ourselves to create the future of customer experience.

Our values.

Courageous innovation.

We have an innovative and courageous mindset, focused on offering products and solutions that redefine customer experience, making the impossible possible.


Everything we do is for our customers.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are guided by our moral compass and believe in an inclusive and diverse culture that is representative of the communities in which we live and serve.

Trust and transparency.

We invest in the highest security in our products and build trust with our customers, partners, and employees.

Community and environmental giving.

We believe in giving back to our community by volunteering our time, supporting non-profits, and minimizing our global footprint. 

Our new brand.

Every interaction between a customer and an agent starts with a conversation—and a great conversation can be a remarkable customer experience. So we were inspired by the three horizontal dots you see when you’re communicating on your smartphone or any other communication platform. The three horizontal dots in our new logo represent that conversation—someone is engaging with you, and Talkdesk is making it happen.

Aligned vertically, these dots point to the fact that there’s much more behind the message than just better conversations. We deliver more to our customers to help them succeed: better innovations, better insights, better customer service, and much more.

Our colors.

Our new corporate color purple symbolizes creativity and imagination, which ties directly to our value of courageous innovation. Purple fosters empathy, which reinforces our value of being customer-obsessed. Purple promotes understanding and acceptance, which reflects our value of inclusivity and diversity. And purple evokes compassion, which connects directly to our value of giving back.


RGB 84 · 5 · 189
CMYK 82 · 98 · 0 · 0

Mid Purple

RGB 153 · 79 · 250
CMYK 60 · 70 · 0 · 0

Light Purple

RGB 191 · 145 · 252
CMYK 18 · 36 · 0 · 0



Diversity, equity and inclusion.

We’ve created new illustrations, too. They’re about celebrating the human side of our brand, reflecting our core value of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Another aspect of our new visual identity is to draw attention to the action. Through the use of a layering concept, the background is neutral in color, while the character and the action have brighter color, creating the focal point. 

So how does it all look in the real world?

We think it looks pretty awesome! We hope you do, too.

We proudly created the new brand entirely in-house—a rarity in the world of brand redesigns, which typically involve outside agencies. This launch is just the beginning of our new brand journey. We still have much to do to realize its full potential. Thanks for coming along with us as we embark on this new chapter of Talkdesk and our bold mission of offering a better way for organizations to unlock the promise and potential of great customer experience.