Terms of Service

By using any of Talkdesk’s trademarks, logos, designs or assets, you accept and agree to comply with the terms set forth in these Brand Guidelines, in the applicable Talkdesk Contracting Agreement with you, which are incorporated by reference. You further acknowledge that Talkdesk may take action against unauthorized or infringing use or use that does not conform to these Brand Guidelines.

Talkdesk is the sole owner of the Talkdesk trademarks, and you will not challenge or interfere with Talkdesk’s rights in any of them, including challenging Talkdesk’s use and registration of its Talkdesk trademarks. When you use the Talkdesk trademarks, you must clearly identify that they are trademarks of Talkdesk, Inc. You will not use the Talkdesk trademarks in a manner that implies that Talkdesk has sponsored or endorsed the use without the express written permission or license from Talkdesk. You will not use or apply to register any of the Talkdesk trademarks in part or in whole, or anything confusingly similar to the Talkdesk trademarks, as a trademark, service mark, company name, trade name, domain name, or social media handle, profile, wallpaper, etc.

You will not harm, misuse, disparage, or dilute the Talkdesk trademarks or tarnish Talkdesk’s goodwill in them. Examples of misuse include: altering authorized color schemes and/or fonts, rescaling, obscuring, animating or otherwise distorting or mutilating the trademarks or logos. All goodwill associated with your use of the Talkdesk trademarks will insure exclusively to Talkdesk. Talkdesk may modify these Brand Guidelines or revoke permission to use the Talkdesk trademarks at any time.

Except for the limited right to use the Talkdesk trademarks for the specified purposes under these Brand Guidelines, no other rights are granted, by implication or otherwise. Talkdesk provides these Brand Guidelines “as is” and disclaims any warranties either expressed or implied by law regarding Talkdesk’s trademarks, including warranties of non-infringement. These Brand Guidelines shall be governed by California law, without regard to conflict of law principles, and the venue for any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these terms shall be in San Francisco County.